Motivation Essay

Why I should join this program? Because I set high goals. For example, to establish Japanese-Russian relations. My family and I are actively involved in this. Since childhood the spirit of Japan reigns in my family. Friends of parents from Japan often come to us. We meet them according to Russian traditions and treats with traditional dishes. I was born and live on Sakhalin Island, in Russia. Our region has a very beautiful nature and my family often carries Japanese friends to the sea or to the mountains. Also, we show them historical monuments made during the time of Karafuto. This is very important for us: to honour the history.

By the way, friends from Japan invite us to visit their country too. For example, our friend Okabayashi-san lives Tokyo. To visit him was a great success for me, since I am interested not only in the history of Japan, but also in its modern life.

After a while, my family opened a travel company, thanks to which any Japanese can plunge into Russian culture and visit the island of Sakhalin.

Now I continue to connect my life with this amazing and beautiful country – Japan. My future profession is related to the Japanese language. I think studying at Tokai University will help develop my conversational Japanese language skills and expand my knowledge.

I am also interested in the history of Japan starting from the ancient centuries, ending with a new time. Back in school, we were shown historical cartoons about Japan and it was really educational. But since I am a student now, I want to study the history of Japan from books. My plans include visiting the library in Tokyo. I think this will help me to study the history of Japan even deeper.

I would also be interested to enjoy the sakura blossom. This is the cultural tradition of the Japanese. I admire how the Japanese connect themselves with nature and respect it. I think that many tourists from Russia should study this. We also have sakura flowers on Sakhalin, but it is not as beautiful as in Japan. Spring is the best time to enjoy sakura flowers. Just at that time there would be a curriculum at Tokai University. This is also very interesting for me! I think it will be a beautiful sight and I will remember it forever.

Studying in Japan is very important for me, as it helps to strengthen Japanese-Russian relations.


Motivational essay

Why I should join this program?

I am a student at Sakhalin State University. I have been studying Japanese for 3 years. I am very interested in this language. The variety of hieroglyphs, their meaning and spelling touched my soul. Every day I try to learn something new about Japan.

But unfortunately, I do not have enough practice. But I use the chance provided by my university, and help students from Japan adapt. For the first time I spoke with native Japanese speakers, I was full of emotions. At the moment, I help and keep in touch with two girls from Japan. Communicating with them, I feel like in a fairy tale. They are very kind people. Japan is like a different world. Therefore, I really want to visit this country, immerse myself in a wonderful atmosphere. Also immersion in the language environment will be effective for learning Japanese.

It is known that Tokai University is considered to be one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Japan and belongs to one of the best educational institutions in Japan. I really like the activities of Tokai and therefore I dream of studying at this university. There I can show high results.

I have the necessary skills and experience of communicating with foreign people. I am a responsible person. If some activity interests me, then I will do everything to fulfill my goal and show successful results. Not only the result is important for me, but also the process itself. I have the ability to understand people. I communicate well with all people. I do vocals, I can take part in any event, I am not shy about the public. I also draw well, I am interested in the work of Hokusai.

I am also interested in my country, its economics and politics. And as a patriot, I love my country and I want to improve it and to establish relations with other countries. And I would really like Sakhalin and Japan to live in harmony and cooperate to make our countries better. Since the University of Tokai also pursues the same goal, I want to join such a university and do everything to achieve its goal.

Japan is a country of dreams. The Japanese economy is one of the most developed economies in the world. In Japan, a lot of low-calorie foods, which is good for health. Since I am interested in proper nutrition, the condition of the inhabitants of my country is important to me. Following the diet as in Japan, it would be possible to reduce the number of overweight people and improve health. Toyota is the most expensive brand in the world. Japan is a very clean country, with hospitable people. I really like the traditional holidays of Japan. Most of all, admiring sakura blossoms, so I dream of getting an internship, since it is at this time that I can see such beauty. Japan cannot but be admired. It is beautiful.

And I will be very proud and grateful to visit Japan and benefit for your country.


My experience at Dongseo University_MESHCHERIAKOV IAROSLAV (Dongseo University, the RK)

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