General Information

Sakhalin State Uni­ver­sity com­prises 6 Insti­­tutes (Insti­­tute for Eco­nom­ics and Ori­en­­tal Stud­ies, Insti­­tute of Philol­­ogy, Insti­­tute of Ped­a­­gog­ics, Insti­­tute of Law, Insti­­tute for Man­age­­ment and Social Stud­ies, and Insti­­tute of Tech­nol­­ogy), 6 Fac­ul­ties (Physics, Math and Com­­puter Sci­ence Fac­ulty, Nat­ural Sci­ence Fac­ulty, Nat­ural Resources, Oil and Gas Engi­neer­ing, Ser­vice and Tourism Fac­ulty and Prepara­­tory Fac­ulty), Col­leges (Yuzh­no-Sakhalinsk Teacher Train­ing Col­lege, Alex­an­­drovsk-Sakhal­in­sky Col­lege, Sakhalin The­a­tre Col­lege). The Uni­ver­sity has 9 edu­­ca­­tional build­ings and 3 hos­­tels with more than 1000 students.

Over 7000 stu­­dents study at the Uni­ver­sity, includ­ing over 1000 ful­l-­­time and about 400 part-­­time stu­­dents enrolled in 2009. We have 41 edu­­ca­­tional pro­­grams for spe­­cial­ists and bach­e­lors, 4 mas­ter pro­­grams, 16 post-­­grad­u­ate pro­­grams, and 30 sec­ondary voca­­tional edu­­ca­­tion courses.

A great work has been done over the last 5 years to open new areas of study for train­ing spe­­cial­ists and bach­e­lors. Licenses have been obtained and per­­son­nel train­ing pro­­grams have been started in such areas as: Law Finance and Cred­its, Logo­pe­dics, Jour­­nal­ism, Ecol­­ogy, Biol­­ogy, Geog­ra­­phy, Com­­puter Infor­­ma­­tion Sci­ence, Envi­ron­­men­­tal Man­age­­ment, Social Sci­ence, Ped­a­­gog­ics and Psychology.

Region’s remote­­ness causes the lack of higher edu­­ca­­tion pro­­grams avail­able, but the Uni­ver­sity does its best to offer a greater num­ber of edu­­ca­­tional pro­­grams in order to pro­­vide cit­i­zens with the best edu­­ca­­tional oppor­­tu­ni­ties. Over the past few years, the Uni­ver­sity has started to offer new courses in Applied Math­­e­­mat­ics, Com­­puter Sci­ence, Sus­­tain­able Man­age­­ment of Nat­ural Resources, Oil and Gas Engi­neer­ing, Man­age­­ment, Tran­s­la­­tion and Tran­s­la­­tion Study, Lin­guis­tics, Ecol­­ogy, Jour­­nal­ism, Aquatic Bio-Re­­sources and Aqua­cul­­ture and so on.

Sakhalin State Uni­ver­sity is imple­­men­t­ing sev­eral sec­ond uni­ver­sity degree pro­­grams, pro­fes­­sional devel­op­­ment pro­­grams and exter­­nal stud­ies pro­­grams. All that cre­ates favor­able con­di­­tions for the Life­­long Learning.

Sakhalin Region devel­op­­ment con­­cept reflects the region’s role of link­ing the Far East to the main­­land and to the Asian-­­Pa­­cific coun­tries. Region’s econ­omy shows sta­ble growth and invest­­ment activ­ity per­­for­­mance, set­t­ing the higher edu­­ca­­tion sys­tem new objec­­tives and goals, namely ren­der­ing infor­­ma­­tion, tech­ni­­cal and orga­ni­za­­­tional sup­­port, estab­lish­ing joint edu­­ca­­tional sci­en­tific and indus­­trial cen­ters involv­ing for­eign uni­ver­si­ties and com­­pa­nies, and also prompt deci­­sion-­­mak­ing con­cern­ing per­­son­nel train­ing issues. That is our mis­­­sion, and we face the future confidently.




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