INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT MIGRATION REGISTRATION for foreign students who study at Sakhalin State University

Dear students!

You’ve arrived in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – the centre of Sakhalin Region, Russia. We ask you to stick to the following recommendations, coordinated with the Department of Federal Migration Service.

  1. You are to choose the shortest way according to your visa.
  2. Upon arrival at Sakhalin State University, you must come to the SSU International Department within 24 hours (the main building of Sakhalin State University, Kommunisticheskiy prospect 33, the first floor, office 9) for registration and prolongation of your visa.
  3. Within 72 hours after arrival it is necessary to get registered at the place of your living. It is necessary to early inform the SSU International Department officer, when visa expiry date is coming.
  4. You are allowed to visit only the places that are marked in your visa.
  5. A permission to visit other places, not marked in your visa is given by the SSU International Department. The organization receiving foreign guests should apply for permission in a written form. Trips can be made only during summer and winter vocations. To get such permission it is necessary to apply to the SSU International Department.
  6. If you want to go home for the vocation, you should hand in the application to the SSU International Department.
  7. It’s advisable to have your passport always with you. In case of losing it you should immediately inform the officer of the SSU International Department.
  8. A foreign student can be called to administrative account or even turned out of the country if he (she) breaks the laws of the Russian Federation.
  9. Students living in the dormitory are advised not to leave students’ housing after 11 p.m.
  10. We request you to keep your rooms in the dormitory clean and in good order. If you have any questions referring to accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact the SSU International Department.

International Department of Sakhalin State University.

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