To apply at SSU as a student you have to do the following steps:

First step: contact us by email and give an information about yourself: full name, home country and mother tongue, education history, level of Russian language (if you have a TORFL certificate, you can also enclose its scanned copy to the email), preferred period of study at SSU or study program (bachelor’s or master’s degree). After the first step, you should proceed the second step and prepare application documents.

Second step: send us the required documents (only by email):
A) SSU application form for international exchange students;
B) Copy of your international passport (please don’t send your local ID-card or another form of document used only in your home country); your international passport should be current at least for 2 years from the date of your expected arrival to Russia. So, if you have an old one, please obtain a new passport at first.
C) Certificate of criminal record (document attesting that the applicant has no criminal or police record in home country) (in English);
D) Physical examination form (including chest X‑ray, AIDS, HIV and COVID-19 tests); please be informed that you also need to buy a local medical insurance in Russia (could be issued after arriving to Sakhalin island);
E) If you want to apply at SSU as a full-time student for duration of 4 or 2 years (bachelor’s or master’s degree), you should already have good communicative skills in Russian language, and also send us the scanned copy of your latest education diploma (in English). Please also be informed that you have to pass SSU’s entrance exams to apply at 4 or 2 year programs; it is usually organised every year from the middle of June till the start of August (applying process, examination, preparing study contract, paying study fee, etc.).

Important notice:

Even if you are not an exchange student, you still need to fill-in above mentioned Application form and send it to our email-box (preferably to use English or Russian language): AND 

We need this form to registrate you as a foreign student of SSU and proceed all of the needed steps not only at our University, but also in the Federal Migration Service (FMS).

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