If you would like to learn the Russian language, the Russian culture, traditions and habits of the Russian people, if you want to explore wonderful and diverse nature of our country, you should come to Sakhalin State University at least once in your life!

To understand the specifics of the Russian language and the character of the Russian people, it would be useful to spend some time among Russians, to feel the music of this beautiful language, to taste delicious Russian food and to experience the great Russian culture in your everyday life.

Sakhalin State University gives you this unique chance!

If you are ready to learn the Russian language – we can help you!

The Russian language courses for foreigners in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk offer you a great number of high level education programs and a multitude of diverse and effective learning methodologies.

You can choose from the following programs of «Russian as a foreign language» (RAFL):

  • Intense course;
  • General course;
  • Individual course;
  • Preparatory course for entry university examinations;
  • Preparatory course for TORFL (Test of Russian as a foreign language): you can choose any course from A1 (elementary) to C2 (close to a native Russian speaker).

After successfull completing the academic program you will receive the SSU’s RAFL graduate certificate and an international TORFL certificate (if you will have passed it).

Please pay attention to the following: the period of training and fee terms are determined according to the individual study contract.

The infromation concerning prices to study at the RAFL academic program or another program (both of bachelor’s and master’s degree) should be requested by email; every year prices are changing to more or less sum of money, thus there is no possibility to objectively indicate the details at one time. Due to this fact, you should firstly ask the person in charge for international students. 

Note: for the students from our Partner Universities this program is tuition fee-waived.

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