Students of Sakhalin State University are strongly self-managed and there is a strong volunteer activity. The best students’ traditions connect generations, promoting citizens to be active members of social, political, scientific and cultural life of Russia. Students are not only participants, but also organizers of the most events. Students of SSU have excellent results in the most competitions, Olympiads, festivals, all-Russian and international conferences.

The emphasis in educational process is made on patriotic, moral, cultural, creative and sport issues. Department of Youth Policy coordinates leisure time of students, contacts with employers and solves questions of social protection of youth. The University is proud of its students’ council.

Recently their members become winners in nomination The best project in organization of students’ leisure time and cultural work”. They also became winners of all-Russian contest for the best organization of students’ self-management in professional educational institutions and educational institutions of higher education.


This event includes two parts: awarding the best students in academic, research, social, creative, sports activities and an unofficial part, where students compete in various sports, participate in intellectual tournaments, social events and fairs.

The program of event includes competitions between student teams of institutes, colleges and university unions in baking the pancakes in the fresh air, performances of university’s creative groups, Maslenitsa sweetmeats and traditional Russian games and contests.

A creative contest held among school students, university students and residents of Sakhalin Region. The festival has 5 nominations: Music; Dance; Theatre and original genre; Journalism; Art.

The event is dedicated to popularization of healthy lifestyle. Students can show their skills in fitness, listen to lectures of specialists in proper nutrition, master the complex of exercises for doing sports at home, undergo screening examination with the help of specialists from Center of Medical Prevention.

The event «Waltz of the Victory» is a drama and dance play dedicated to the Victory in the WWII. Students, professors, school students and residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk participate in this event.

Wrapping-up of the contests Best Student Group” and Student of the Year” in the following nominations: volunteer of the year, intellect of the year, creative person of the year, foreign student of the year, athlete of the year and etc., as well as a concert of creative groups of the university are included in the program of this event.

Beauty, intellect and creativity contest held among the university students. A pair of students from every institute and college participates in the contest. After completion of all tasks, a pair can become Miss and Mister University”.

Presentation of university’s activities for freshmen. During the presentation, students are introduced to teaching staff, united students’ council and traditional events held annually in Sakhalin State University. Freshmen can also witness themselves performances of all the student clubs existing in the university, as well as join these clubs.

Student field-school Leader of Sakhalin State University” is a field-school-based educational platform for developing soft-skills in students in various directions. School’s program includes training courses, lectures-seminars, round tables, intellectual games, night-time quest-games, business-games and etc.

It’s a massive educational project intending to increase the popularity of scientific activities. Documentaries about science and new technologies are included in the program.

A traditional vocal contest where students compete in singing, show their talents and demonstrate the variety of music genres.

A contest of literary and musical compositions based on works of foreign and Russian writers and poets following a chosen topic.

A student league of intellectual games.

Sakhalin State University’s Universiade is a cycle of sports events in 10 kinds of sports: skiing, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, mini football, athletics, contest in Ready for Labor and Defense” complex, shooting, swimming and basketball.

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